Full Service Practice Management Services

- Why Use Our Company -

- Immediate test results which will allow treatment of patients to begin promptly. 

- We will bring quality services to your practice for the convenience of your patients.

- Allow testing to be done in your office in a familiar atmosphere.

​Electro Neurodiagnostic Testing -

- Our machine differs from all others currently on the market. It's the smallest portable unit available, Quick/Simple setup, and easy to read/edit reports.

​Noninvasive Testing -

- No Radiation

- No Chemicals/Dyes

- No Needles

- No Drugs

Benefits of Testing -

- EP/NCV waveform shows normal vs abnormal nerve function.

- Results are reproducible and consistent.

- Objective and reliable for determining sensory deficits.

- Is ola tes sensory deficits, but do not make the doctor's differential diagnosis.

- Functional NOT Structural testing.

- Differentiates between real and imagined pain.

- Measures involuntary nervous system response.

- There is no way to consciously alter nervous system response.

- Implementation -

*Not Limited to the Following*

- Carpal/Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

- Peripheral neuropathy due to Diabetes or Occupational/Toxic exposure.

- Alcoholic, Metabolic or Endocrine neuropathy.

- Neck pain after injury or accident to rule out an C8-T1 root lesion.

- Low back pain after injury or accident to rule out and L5-S1 root lesion.

- Sciatic nerve symptoms from Sciatica.

- Ulner nerve dysfunction causing hand weakness.

- Brachial Plexus lesion after injury or accident.

- Industrial screening of workers either as pre-employment or exposure evaluation.

- Peroneal nerve dysfunction with foot drop.